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Look for a vintage (or reproduction) Wedgewood stove catalog from the James Graham company listing the various Wedgewood stoves they sold so you can . Among California's most widely known manufactured products are the Wedgewood stoves and ranges, which are generally regarded as the best in the country, . Nov 22, 2013 . Dear Helaine and Joe: Attached is a photo of my Wedgewood stove.. James Graham was born in Ontario, Canada, but moved to Newark, . James Graham started the Wedgewood Range company in Newark California.. . Post requests for the Wedgewood stove catalog on online antique stove site . He named his stoves the Wedgewood, and in the early days coal and wood burning. The officers of the James Graham Manufacturing Company at the present . Oct 29, 2013 . James Graham came from Canada to the United States and. By 1920, some 400 Wedgewood stoves were manufactured every working day.Some history of Vintage stoves from different brands.. Wedgewood Wedgewood factory was opened by James Graham in Newark, California, the first applicant . Stoves Antique & Collectable: Looking for Stoves have been used in America for heating since the eighteenth century and for cooking since the nineteenth . Wedgewood Stoves were first made in Newark, California by James Graham who sought to be the first stove manufacturer in the region. Graham was born in . 1940's WEDGEWOOD. #1 Burners: 4 Griddle: 1 Oven(s): 2 Broiler(s): 2 40" W x 29" D. 1940's WEDGEWOOD. 1940's WEDGEWOOD LIGHT COVER.

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