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Ir + a + infinitive worksheet due 9/21.. O -ue verb chart and o-ue worksheet with word bank are due 10/8. ER and IR verb practice in the preterite due 1/ a + infinitive = to be going to do something (in the near future). Here are some useful words and expressions for pinpointing exactly when you are going to do . -Er and -ir verbs. Let's review some terms! Verb: a part of speech indicating action . Infinitive: an unchanged verb. In English it usually includes the word “to” – to . -er, -ir verbs in the present tense.ppt. View Download, 826k, v.. Ċ, -er and -ir verbs notes and practice.pdf. ĉ, Tener que + infinitive Practice Worksheet.docStudy tips: How to study for your geo quiz · Worksheet: Geo and culture questions. . supplies, Clothing, Colors, Shopping words and verbs,Numbers 100 – 1000. . Worksheet: Ir + a + infinitive soup · Worksheet: Ir + a + infinitive translations . ir + a + infinitive worksheet - Google Search | See more about Google, Search. 40 songs in Spanish with worksheets for students to fill in the words they hear.In English, when a verb is used as a verbal noun, an –ing word is used.. By now you're used to using infinitives (the form of a verb that ends in –AR, -ER, or –IR) in a. Before explaining the lesson, the professor gave us some sheets of paper . In Spanish, infinitives consist of only one word and are separated into three different conjugation sets according to their endings, -ar, -er, and -ir, as in hablar  . IR + a + the Infinitive Form of the Verb - Explanation AND Worksheet 1. Page 1 of 1 IR_A_INFIN_Wks1. This material is the property of the AR . Quizzes to test the student's knowledge of Spanish verb "ir" + "a" + infinitive.. Are you going to study the words for the exam? 3. ¿Dónde ______ ? Where are .

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