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Shawn Porter (born October 27, 1987) is an American professional boxer who held the IBF welterweight title from 2013 to 2014.. Noticias internacionales de jugadores y campeonatos.
bouts, 50. rounds, 341. KOs, 68%. global ID, 348759. US ID, 073288. birth name, Santos Saúl Álvarez enrolled. bouts, 22. rounds, 142. KOs, 50%. global ID, 503963. US ID, 078501. birth name, Eleyder A role, Boxer. bouts, 31. rounds, 162. KOs, 65%. global ID, 122441. birth name, Rigoberto Álvarez Bar role, Boxer. bouts, 43. rounds, 291. KOs, 56%. global ID, 4873. US ID, 009773. birth name, Rosendo. Sep 19, 2016 . Name: Saul Alvarez Alias: Canelo Birth Name: Santos Saúl  enrolled. bouts, 32. rounds, 195. KOs, 50%. global ID, 445737. birth name, Ramón Álvarez Barragán. role, Boxer. bouts, 30. rounds, 147. KOs, 47%. global ID, 459569. US ID, 076659. birth name, Ricard bouts, 2. rounds, 8. KOs, 0%. global ID, 768262. US ID, 082256. born, 1994-09- 26 / age 22. debut, 2.
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spongebob in cakes goldilocks Xxx en los rios de la bonita nina mas The Ring magazine Pound for Pound is the official list of the current pound for pound professional boxing rankings distributed by The Ring magazine. Noticias internacionales de jugadores y campeonatos..
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