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Fultonhistory.com or Old Fulton NY Postcards is a historic newspaper website which contains archives of over 1000 New York newspapers, and some from other states and Canada. As of December 2016, the. A searchable repository of historic newspapers published in New York State between 1795 and 2007, frequently updated. Also includes a handful of U.S. . Jul 20, 2016 . The Old Fulton NY Post Cards website originally began as a postcard. To begin your search, go to the Historical Newspapers search page.Have you tried Old Fulton Postcards yet?. Old Fulton Postcards is a wonderful and little known site for genealogical. . A Treasure Trove of Colonial History.The website Fultonhistory.com (A.K.A. Old Fulton NY Postcards) maintains a maps, yearbooks, and other materials related to the history of Fulton, NY.Oct 11, 2014 . Tom Tryniski, the man behind the Fulton Postcards Old Newspaper site, has exceeded 28 million pages on his site and has recently added . Dec 19, 2011 . First of all, despite the name, it has nothing to do with old postcards. Second, it's. If you like doing historical research, it's a goldmine. The site . Jun 12, 2006 . "1,615,000 Old Upstate, Western & Central NY Newspapers" may be searched on a site rather deceptively called Old Fulton NY Post Cards.Oct 1, 2015 . On the Fulton History site, the OCR software must examine newspaper images which have been copied from microfilms. Some of the .

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