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Apr 3, 2015 . You'll be eggstatic over these hilarious Easter puns! - #puns, #easter, #religion, # holiday.How do you know the Easter Bunny is really smart? Because he's an egghead. What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water? It's going to take awhile to get . Mar 21, 2016 . Happy Easter in advance! It's only a week away from Easter and I thought I'd give you some goodness in the form of some funny Easter jokes!Egg puns, jokes, humour and original cartoons - clean safe fun for anyone!. Happ Easter greeting pun - card design says Happy Eggster and shows four happy . The ultimate list of bunny puns for Easter. Includes riddles, one-liners, and pickup lines that are so cheesy, you'll want to pull your hare out.Mar 29, 2013 . Over 40 tweetable egg puns, all in one place. Because some. You should never tell an Easter egg a good joke because it might crack up.Funny Easter Jokes For Adults - a selection of the best grown up Easter jokes for the holidays. From LaffGaff, home of funny jokes. READ MORE NOW.Apr 12, 2012 . "Bugs Bunny," of course. It's true - I quit believing in the Easter Bunny a long, long time ago. But what I think, thankfully, isn't the point. It's what . A nice collection of Easter puns for Easter. Funny Easter puns for all. TEENs Easter puns. Easter jokes for hoppy bunnies that like to share eggs-cellent puns !Absolutely hillarious Easter one-liners! Large collection of best Easter one-line jokes rated by viewers.

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