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Dec 3, 2015 . However, this scam may also surface on company Instagram you might be offered something like a “free iPhone giveaway” on the Internet.Nov 6, 2013 . Don't let these Instagram scams rob you of your cash OR your dignity.. Does the profile name have "giveaway" or "_ig" in it? If so, it's probably . Sep 22, 2015 . This article is your guide to avoiding 'free iPhone' scams, including a sense for Apple to give away year-old phones for the stated purpose of . With Instagram's overnight explosion came scammers trying to take advantage of the your email address so that you can claim your freebies and "giveaways".1. Follow us 2. Comment on 5 famous accounts: i just got a free iphone 6 from @ apple.Iphone.Giveaway 3. Shout us out and Tag us Wait for Dm Not.A.Scam.Mar 20, 2013 . There are a lot of giveaway scams online. Years ago, those scams looked like free Xboxes, iPhones, Razrs, and whatever the hot electronic . Feb 25, 2016 . Unbox Therapy iPhone Giveaway Timeline Oct 28 2015: Posts iPhone. 10 2015 : Tweets he will give away another iPhone on Instagram (never gives one. So he stopped the giveaway because of scammers, but he never . Jan 9, 2017 . Analysis: The claims in the post are fraudulent. Those who fall for the ruse and participate will certainly not receive a free iPhone or any other . Sep 28, 2016 . You certainly will not get an iPhone 7 by carrying out the steps in the fake giveaway post. The post is a scam designed to trick you into divulging . Sep 1, 2011 . iPhone 5 giveaways are flourishing on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet. But how can you tell the scams from genuine offers? We help .

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