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Nov 1, 2016 . WATCH: New ISIS Mass Execution Video Executes Man With Artillery Gun. Published. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed.. The true religion will be against war and adopt peace.Mar 25, 2016 . Earlier today, an armed Israeli terrorist executed a wounded. Terrorist Israeli Soldier Filmed Executing Wounded Palestinian Youth Best Gore. Funnily enough, because the public execution was caught on video, an Israeli . is a Canadian shock site owned by Mark Marek, which provides highly violent real-life news, photos and videos, with authored opinion and user comments. The site received media attention. Feb 27, 2014 . Very brutal execution by "hanging" in Iran. Tags: iran, execution, hanging, snackbar. Public execution of 3 insurgents in Iran (Graphic) . Dec 10, 2013 . The Execution of 4 Young Kurds Four Kurdish boys under the age of 18 were executed by the hands of the Iraqi Arab Ba'ath regime in 1986.Oct 18, 2015 . Savage ISIS terrorists have released a new execution video that shows two men being executed.Oct 24, 2015 . A new video purportedly released by ISIS militants shows an alleged soldier with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) being run over by a tank driven . Sep 1, 2016 . Bloodthirsty Islamic State executioners have sliced nine youths in half with a chainsaw in a gruesome public execution, it has been claimed.Dec 3, 2014 . WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT The clip shows the shocking killing of 18-year- old Marcos Monteiro who was gunned down by three other . Mar 4, 2013 . 200 videos Play all Popular Videos - Public executionPublic execution - Topic. Aileen Wuornos - Totally Insane A Day Before Her Execution .

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