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Please use the guidelines below to assist you in creating postcards that will be. Any graphics, text or images that enter this area may cause your postcard to be . A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for. In some places, one can send a postcard for a lower fee than for a letter.. . the Post Office allow. Postcards are usually split up so that the right side of the card has lines for you to write out the address you want the card to be sent to. On the left there should . Figuring out where to insert an address on a postcard can be difficult. corresponding by postcard, it's essential that you think about it before you write. … The address side of the card must be divided into a right portion and a left portion, with . Oct 26, 2016 . Write the recipient's address on the right hand side of the postcard.. Most postcards will have three lines in place for you to write the address . How do you mail a postcard?. On the left-hand side, the sender can write a message to the receiver.. How much postage do you put on a postcard? A: As of . PostalMethods Postcard - Address Side Address Side:. This is the side on which you would usually find colorful images of ski slopes, tigers in the savanna, the . You can see on the card I received how the ID was printed over.3) The address of the. On the left side write the post card ID clearly so that the recipient can. You will need to separately address your mailpieces, however. on the same side as the postage and writing, decorations, endorsements or messages should  . Jan 5, 2012 . This guide shows you How To Write Postcards. Watch this and other related films here - http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-write-a-postcard .

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