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Sisterlocks trains in over 35 locations throughout the year. or reduce your long- term maintenance costs, or give you a sense of security when you travel.Dec 3, 2010 . If you can't afford the cost to maintain your sisterlocks, please don't. There are too many horror stories of sister that didn't get true sisterlocks, . Feb 20, 2012 . What they don't tell you about sisterlocks maintance. There are very strict guidelines for Sisterlock which prohibit tutorials. Very hush-hush.Jun 3, 2015 . Having a patented technique, Sisterlocks does not follow the traditional will also determine how long does it take to install and the cost.How can you get sisterlocks™? Sisterlocks™ are offered in a package of 3 visits: First Visit: The Consultation During this session we will discuss your personal . Dec 3, 2013 . Women with both relaxed and natural hair can consider Sisterlocks a viable hair option. And for the cons: -The installion costs between $500 to $2,000. Re- twisting. I am now wearing a lace wig but I want the sister locks.Nov 24, 2013 . The cost of installing and maintaining sisterlocks can really hurt the. I'm considering sister locks,my hair was shoulder length before I had a . Feb 13, 2014 . Deciding to lock your hair is a huge decision, not to mention permanent. Costs of traditional locks can range anywhere from $50-$100 for. Now, when i first said that I was thinking about locking my hair w/the sister locks, . Feb 1, 2016 . One of the many deciding factors for most is the cost and time commitment of Sisterlocks.. After having the tester locks installed, I became apprehensive about. . I don't know a single soul that has sister locs and I wish I did.May 7, 2014 . Installed: May 3rd: 7a-7:15pm (12.5hrs), May 4: 8a-5p (9 hrs) Quick Tip: Get your sisterlock install price in writing. I paid $75 more than I was .

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