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Jay Killian. Phone: 800.888.1063 or 718.937.0901 - Email: art@rogallery.com. Loading. 47-15 36. Jay Killian, American (1927 - 1994). In 1968 he went to work for Red Farm Studios in Pawtucket R. See More. 2. Drawing Folds Tutorial ( I learned how to draw of fabric when i was in Art · Fa. Shop eBay for art deals on drawings, paintings, photographs, mixed media, & more. Browse art ga. Horse Pencil Drawing Fine Art Print. Drawing Horse. .. vintage barn prints - pencil sketches - Ja. Captain Cockroach - Drawing. Captain Cockroach, King Killian, Jim McKenzie, Jim McKenzie art, Jim M. Couple Art, Pencil Illustration, depressed, Pencil Art, Anniversary Gift, Modern Art, Anxiety Aware. Buy fine art drawings from 1000s of artists around the world. Drawings have 100 % 7-Day Money-Back G.

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