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The Voyage of the Frog. Chapter 1. Vocabulary: • bowsprit –. • porthole –. • hul l – . • cremated –. 1. Describe the sailboat. 2. What is the name of boat? 3.Mixed Review Literature Unit The Voyage of the Frog mixed review - print all section questions at once (options for multiple keys) . Title: The Voyage of the Frog Level: U ISBN: 0-440-40364-2 Publisher:. * Connect discussion to the teaching point and/or a comprehension strategy (see above).David goes out on his sailboat to scatter his deceased uncle's ashes. He's caught in a fierce storm and must survive for days on his own.Use this interactive quiz and printable worksheet to ascertain how well you understand the plot of 'The Voyage of the Frog.' Please note these learners' comprehension of words and phrases that relate to specific. . Learning magazine named Paulsen's novel The Voyage of the Frog a Best Book of the.Charlie and the Frog - Free Online Reading Comprehension Worksheet with Interactive Quiz Questions by Courseware Solutions. Printable story with random  . Product Description. ** Featured on & ** Main Idea 1 helps TEENs who have trouble with reading comprehension. Identifying  . The Voyage of the Frog has 1122 ratings and 150 reviews. Adam said: This was a great book. For my first time reading it I found it very intriguing and I. This website has great non-fiction articles and passages. I will be using these stories to help my students' comprehension. Submitted by swalker_1429931 on .
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