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With three-way conference calling, you can invite a third person into the mix. With Ooma's superior control over conference calling, you can talk without worrying . Then, when you're done, you can break the calls apart again to conclude each one individually. Conferencing two calls together; Breaking apart a conference . A conference room allows many parties to use their own phones to dial in and. Using a conference room to bring many people together for a conference call is . A three-way conference call can be initiated by pushing the 1 and 2 buttons on your Ooma device at . If you need to bring many parties together in a single phone call, an Ooma Office conference server is the ideal solution. Included with your monthly Ooma Office . Ooma Premier members can conference an incoming call . Dial *3 to conference two active calls together. Receiving Calls. Answering a call. Pick up your phone when it rings. Answering call waiting. Press the Flash key . Jun 4, 2015 . A year and a half ago, I needed to do a three-way conference call between fellow TTG writer Aaron and Laurie (from, but . You can conference two calls together by pressing [*][3] at any time.Ooma to Report Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Results on March 7, 2017 Download. January. Ooma Q4 Fiscal 2017 Earnings Conference Call.

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